Natural Rugs in India

Significance of natural fiber area rugs in India

‘A touch of nature make the whole world kin’, a popular quote that reminds me of the significance of nature in our life. Nature plays a pivotal role in our life, and we shall never forget it. We now find more and more people becoming eco- conscious, even if the reason behind it may be the series of natural calamities and concerns. Hence, it is high time we switch to sustainable and environmental friendly products. While it seems everyone is racing towards the oblivion it is important to remember our roots. We should understand that natural rugs are gift of nature.

India is blessed with most of the natural resources and thus we are available with many different natural fibres where we are using the same to decor the floor. Natural rugs in India are considered to be one of the best in all respects.

Various kinds of natural fiber area rug

We have different kind of natural rugs to offer, from round, squared rugs with or without borders, to wall-to-wall you have numerous options to choose from. These rugs accentuate your decor to create balanced and calm look. Natural rugs are perfect symbol of warmth and comfort, one could ask for. The various kinds of natural fiber area rug in India are as below:

1.Jute Rugs and carpets
2. Sisal rugs
3. Sea grass carpets
4. Abaca Carpets
5. Other types of natural carpets are hemp, bamboo, Abaca, Water reed, Keshab, palm, raffiya, okra (Ladies finger), Hyacinth Braid Carpets, Hyacinth Popcorn Carpets, Okra Popcorn Natural Carpet, banana braid carpet, okra & water reed basket weave carpets and banana popcorn carpets.

The upcoming trend- Natural carpets

Your beautiful homes deserve the best, depending on your interior decor and the kind of look you desire for, you have vast options to choose from. Natural carpets are a perfect way to elevate your home’s aesthetic appeal, boost its functionality and introduce a feeling of comfort and warmth. Certainly, with so many advantages rolled up on its sleeve, natural carpets are becoming trend of the upcoming decade. Their popularity is reaching new heights each day, when more and more people becoming environment conscious.

This is a latest trend as well as the need of an hour. Natural fiber area rug as the name suggests are floor covers made up of completely natural substance. While your conventional rugs appear attractive and charming, they actually are harmful. Such conventional rugs contain high level of volatile organic compounds that can cause allergic reactions or headaches, among others. Moreover, they are not biodegradable or recyclable. On the other hand natural fibre area rugs being biodegradable in nature are completely environment friendly.

All these natural rugs in India are available to sell worldwide. You just inform which one you like the most as touch of nature and we get the same made for you.



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