Custom made Rugs in India

What are custom rugs? Are Bespoke rugs, personalised rugs are the same? To make this clear all are one and the same term being spoken in a different term in different countries. If you have your house interior done by any interior designer architects, they mostly go with the custom rugs so that you may get what you pay for without any compromise. We have Rug factory in India producing Custom rugs in india, in all pattern like hand-tufted, hand-knotted, flat weave, handloom etc. So you can have custom made rugs manufactured by us. It is always not necessary that you find the rug and carpets in your sizes.  It may also happen that you may find the size but the design and colour not as per your taste. If you are looking for any rug and carpet to be manufactured in your size, design and colour, we as a rug factory do this a lot. As per your requirement, we can manufacture any sizes you need for your specified area. The Custom sized rugs can be made in hand-tufted or hand-knotted or flatweave


When you need any rug in your size and design, for any specific area like a living room, drawing room, bedroom, dinning area, hallway, long hair personalised, lounge, as per your requirements, these are termed as Custom made rugs. These kinds of rugs may be ordered online or offline. An area rug can also be made in your custom design, also known as bespoke. These custom made area rugs are mostly handmade and can be made in different pattern and designs as per your selection. Any decorative area rug which is bespoke or personlised is CUSTOM SIZE AREA RUG. It may be size (whether it has to be bigger or smaller), the design style (whether contemporary or modern or traditional or abstract), and the colours (bright, earthy, soft) all these composite makes any rug a CUSTOM MADE  RUG.



When you club both above term, you will understand what this term means. This term is more relevant when you may choose any of a manufacturer designs, not your own design, but the size specified by you is yours, then this is custom sized area rug. This may be small size or large size, here the main concern is that the size of the rugs shall be of the client. The construction and possibility of these types of orders comes better in handmade, and thus this term is known as Custom Size area rugs

Before you make the selection of size, you may have to know the exact area where you have to lay this rug. Different houses or areas have different sizes. If you have big or small or some odd shape and size, you may advise us the same and accordingly, we will offer you the design pattern suitable for that specific area.

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