Natural fiber area rugs


Nature has given us many different things which are being used in different manner. There are various fibers which commonly no one knows and are not very common in use, but are really great and high demand by luxury segment. We can also name this as earthy rugs, something which is not synthetic and is produced with the blessings of nature are NATURAL RUGS. These rugs are eco friendly and doesnt harm the nature. Our rug factory produce natural fibre area rugs as per the demand of the client.


Different fiber used in natural rugs


Eco friendly rugs, natural rugs, recycled rugs are some patterns which we cover under this section. These natural carpets & rugs are made from what we get from nature, some of them are having botanical items like sisal, water reed, banana, jute, palm, hyacinth, raffiya, okra (Ladies finger), sea grass, keshab etc. Carpets are made in braided, basket-weave, pop-corn & herringbone designs. We also have some other types of rugs manufactured in India which are recycled. These are made with PET yarns( recycled plastic bottles), mostly in flatweaves, REcycled silk yarn(mostly from cuttings of silk fabrics).  These recycled ones are mostly made in flatweaves patterns. Each Fibre has its own natural shade, as informed mostly as they are earthy most of them have beige color tone as their shade, in dark or light tone depending upon the fibre.

To make them look more white sometimes a process of bleach is being done so that the fibre colour becomes light and we can offer natural fibre area rug in light colours too. Same manner say the water reed, is more toward beige blackish tone...each fibre has its own natural colour and has its own beauty.


Custom natural fiber area rugs


Normal width of these type of rugs are 4 meter or say 12 feets, but we do lots of custom rugs in natural fibers too and If you wish to have any custom rugs to be you can may make the fiber or yarn selection and we can make in your sizes accordingly. All these are under  Luxury segment for high class segment. These natural fiber area rugs brings rich look to the floor decor.

Natural-fiber rugs


Rugs are ideally similar to carpets however they are considered to be suited for indoor usage especially in cases where they are not required to be attached to the floor. Rugs are used to cover the floor. Natural-fiber rugs have been considered as personal favorites for several reasons that include their earthy texture and remarkable durability. Care needs to be taken to have natural fiber rugs regularly vacuum cleaned. Some of the common types of natural-fiber rugs include sea grass rugs, hemp rugs, jute rugs, and sisal rugs all of which are described below:  

Sea Grass


Sea grass is mostly found growing in marshy areas. It is impermeable, water-resistant and has a light luster. This typically starts with a dash of light-green which fades to a shade of khaki. Sea-grass rugs are able to bind well with leather and cotton. Sea grass offers a wide range of textures. It is stain-resistant and lasts long. It also feels better underneath barefoot when compared to other natural fibers such as sisal. Therefore, seagrass makes a great choice indoors, especially for kitchens and bathrooms. This grass is easy to harvest and is fast-growing, making it an environment-friendly alternative. However, just as most of the other natural-fiber rugs, they cannot be used outdoors. They also offer a limited choice of colors since they don’t take dye very well.



Hemp fiber has been used for several years in the textile industry. Similar to other natural fiber rugs, it is naturally durable and is ideal to make hard rugs. Hemp, in its natural state, is coppery brown in color. However, it can be dyed to make colorful patterns. Hemp is endurable, resistant to mildew and is very strong. The texture of hemp is expected to soften with regular use.



Jute rugs have an imperfect texture. This adds earthy beauty to the room that is being decorated with this type of rug. Jute grows in shiny, green stalks, which are soaked, stripped, spun and then weaved into the required shapes. Jute is naturally brown in color and can be dyed into several colors. Since these fibers are made from the plant’s stalk, it is unbelievably soft. Since jute is very soft, it is the least durable among the natural fiber rugs. Therefore it is ideal to be used for low-traffic and medium-traffic areas.



Sisal is made from sisalana or agave. This plant is native to Brazil, Africa, and Mexico. It is famous for its durability and is incredibly tough. This makes them useful for making ropes and twine. Just like jute, sisal can also be dyed into several other colors. Since sisal is incredibly durable, it is best suited for high-traffic areas. Sisal fibers are rough making them less convenient for underfoot usage. With wear and tear, they tend to become slippery, therefore it is not recommended to use them on stairs. Since sisal is highly absorbent, it might be tough to remove stains from sisal rugs.



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